Join us for Virtual Commission 2021.

Commission is a triennial missions mobilization, training and networking conference. It brings together Kenyan University and college students, associates (graduates), church teams and international delegates from over 20 countries in Africa and beyond. Commission aims to preserve on-going mission awareness, responsiveness and involvement among Christian students, graduates and churches by creating awareness on the central place of missions for every believer. Its slogan is derived from John 20:21 where Jesus commands the disciples, "As the Father has sent, so I send you."

Theme: The Gospel Transforming A Dynamic World

Conference Thrust

Content of the Gospel

What is the gospel?

Carriers of the Gospel

What defines the messenger entrusted to share the gospel in this age? In what ways can Christians share the gospel?

Context of the Gospel

What are the needs that the Gospel needs to respond to today?

Conference Speakers

image 3 Expositions
image 30th Oct 2021
image 6th Nov 2021
image 13th Nov 2021 (mid-morning)
image 13th Nov 2021 (evening)
image 13th Nov 2021 (evening)
image 13th Nov 2021 (evening)
image 14th Nov 2021 (mid morning)
image 14th Nov 2021 (afternoon)


You get to attend a session per category


Conference Charges


For Kenyan colleges and universities

Kshs. 300

Church Youth

For youth sponsored by Churches

Kshs. 500


For Kenyan non-students attendees

Kshs. 800

Mission Partners

For mission organizations

Kshs. 800

IFES Staff & Students

For international delegates

Kshs. 500

Conference Partners

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